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Pd Durable

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Pd Durable

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Molecule's Pd Durable is a very strong and tough photopolymer, and can be printed with very high resolution features (50 um). Pd Durable also has outstanding impact and compression strength. Additionally, Pd Durable has exceptional green strength. This product can be easily painted, sanded or machined for further finishing.  This product should only be printed on a DLP machine. 

Ideal Print Irradiance: 3-8 mW/cm²

Exposure Time for 100um layers: 5-7 seconds

Expsoure TIme for 50um layers: 3-5 seconds

    This product should not be used with silicone trays. Please see Pt Tough for Silicone Trays to meet your needs.


    Ideal applications are for parts that require consistently strong and high resolution features. Applicable industries for rapid prototyping with Pd Durable include:

    • Automotive Components
    • Aerospace Components
    • Consumer Goods Prototyping
    • Production Components


    Version 1.0


    1.0 kg Container