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Ci Investment Castable

$249.00 / Liter

Ci Investment Castable

$249.00 / Liter

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Molecule's Casting Patterns & Molding products are designed to rapidly disrupt traditional Investment Casting Jewelry markets. Molecule's Ci Investment Castable resin is a high performance, casting product that boasts excellent post processing properties. Ci Investment Castable Resin is Antimony and Tin free. Ci has extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and low initial burn out temperature.

High Wattage Product recommended for printers with High Wattage LED Output:

  • Formlabs 1, 1+, 2
  • Autodesk Ember

Low Wattage Product recommended for printers with Low Wattage LED Output:

  • MiiCraft DLP


Any casting application.


Version 4.0


1.0 Kg Container