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Ce Eco Clean

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Ce Eco Clean

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Molecule’s Eco Grade products are specifically produced to have lower toxicological profiles, low skin irritation, non-regulated for transportation and focus on using bio based raw materials. The primary requirement of these formulation is to be safer to work with and better for the environment with a close second of performance. Molecule's Post Processing Ce Eco Clean is specifically designed for cleaning
residual photopolymer from 3D printed parts. Parts should be soaked in Eco Clean immediately after removing from the printer. Ce Eco Clean is a water based cleaner, that is non-toxic, non-flammable and environmentally safe. Ce Eco Clean is compliant with California Clean Air & Water Rule 1171. It is recommended to soak parts for 5-10 minutes under agitation in order to most effectively remove all residual uncured material. Unlike IPA or other solvents, uncured material will not dissolve in Eco Clean, which allows Eco Clean to be re-used for a much longer time. Uncured material should be filtered out of the cleaning bath between uses.


Can be used for all 3D printed material. Very safe to handle, use and dispose of. Does not degrade printed polymers, like other post-wash fluids such as IPA.


Version 1.0


1.0 kg Container