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Ec EcoCur

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Ec EcoCur

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Molecule’s Eco Grade products are specifically produced to have lower toxicological profiles, low skin irritation, non-regulated for transportation and focus on using bio based raw materials. The primary requirement of these formulation is to be safer to work with and better for the environment with a close second of performance.  Molecule’s Ec EcoCur is specifically designed to quickly harden UV curable products byproducts so that you may safely and legally dispose of them in most municipalities.  Ec EcoCur was specially formulated to control the exothermic reaction to not get hotter than 60C yet quickly make 100% UV curable products fully cure into a solid.


UV Curable inks, paints and 3D materials waste streams fall under 40 CFR 261.3 which is the Code of Federal Regulations concerning hazardous waste. If a waste is a solid waste, it then must be determined if it is a hazardous waste. Wastes are defined as hazardous by the EPA if they are specifically named on one of the four lists of hazardous wastes located in Subpart D of 40 CFR 261 (f, K, P, U) or if they exhibit one fo four characteristics located in Subpart C of 40 CFR 261 (characteristic wastes). Unless the UV/EB-curing formulations are diluted with solvents, they typically do not meet the “Ignitability” characteristic. Some UV/EB materials that ARE included in Subpart D include: Ethyl Acrylate, Ethyl methacrylate and Methyl methacrylate. Most UV/EB-curing formulations also typically do not exhibit the EPA “Reactivity”, “Corrosivity” or “Toxicity” characteristic.


Version 1.3


Product ByProduct Size
50 gram EcoCur - Single Pack 1 kilogram
50 gram EcoCur - 12 Pack 1 kilogram x 12
 200 gram EcoCur - 6 Pack 1 gallon x 6
1 kilogram EcoCur - 6 Pack 5 gallons x 6